What Every Coach of Competitive Players Hopes his or her Players will Eventually Understand


  1. Competitive tennis is hard work.  Stop looking for short cuts.

  2. There is no such thing as an indirect win.  Peter beat Tony and I beat Peter so I beat Tony.  Sorry! You have to beat Tony on the court.

  3. No one cares if you lost because you played badly.  Stop annoying us and keep it to yourself.

  4. Before you beat anyone, you have to win the battle against yourself. Conquering your fears and emotions is step one during competition.

  5. Thinking you are better than someone else is not quite the same as beating him/her on the court.

  6. I am sorry to shock you but tennis is a running game.  Shut up and run!


7. If you want to win, there is one rule you cannot ignore: The ball has to land inside the lines and clear the net.  There are no points for style.

8. The most important element of a clean winner is the “in” factor not the “hard” factor.

9. You get a point for a winner and you lose a point for an unforced error.  They both count the same. Make sure it balances in you favor at the end of the match.

10. You cannot always practice with better players because better players want to practice with better players.

11. There is a perfectly good reason why we call it footwork.  If it were easy we would call it footplay, footrest or footfun.

12. There are two things you need to bring to the table because no coach can do them for you; great attitude and effort.