Understanding and Improving Technique of Groundstrokes

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Hitting and Offensive Lob

The most important aspect to hit an effective offensive lob is disguise. Ideally you need to be in an offensive position, fake a passing shot and change to a lob at the last second. Your goal is to hit the lob just above the opponent’s...

The Shoulder Level Shot

The shoulder level shot is used to attack a high ball from the opponent. The idea is to hit it hard and with little topspin. Technically, the player will prepare high, setting the racquet at the shoulder level. From there the racquet wil...

The Off the Bounce Shot

Sometimes during a point you will be forced into a situation where you do not have time to back up and will have to take the ball right off the bounce. In these situations the most important thing is to shorten your backswing as much as...

The Dipping Shot

The dipping shot is hit with a great deal of topspin, low over the net and short. It is used for passing shots, angles, and approach shots. In order to hit a solid dipping shot you need to accelerate the racquet head with the forearm an...

Hit Through on the Slice Backhand

To hit a more effective slice backhand, make sure that you are hitting through the ball and not too steeply down at the ball. The best way to think about this is by setting the racquet behind contact on your backswing. That is, if the co...

Use Disguise on your Drop Shots

The secret to an effective drop shot is not necessarily hitting it just over the net. More importantly is driving the opponent back before hitting it. Therefore the player needs to disguise the drop shot, using it in an attacking situati...

A Common Mistake When Lobbing

A common mistake when lobbing is to look up too early therefore missing the sweet spot on the racquet head. A lob requires precision and a clean contact point. Keep your head still until the ball leaves your racquet! To get ...

Keep the Head Still!

A common mistake on groundstrokes is to pull away from the shot as you swing. This always starts with the head. If the head moves, the body moves. This clip will explore the importance of the head when hitting your groundstrokes. ...

The Best Grip for a Two-handed Backhand

A solid stroke starts with a strong grip. Without an effective grip, the swing will suffer. I this video you will learn how to hold the racquet to hit a strong two handed backhand. To get access to the videos and premium med...

Rotate into the Shot to Hit a Solid Forehand

A very common mistake on the forehand is to turn sideways and then swing only with the arm, keeping your body sideways. Ideally you need to use the whole body to swing. Rotate the hips and torso during your backswing and then uncoil int...

Forehand Finish – Use the Elbow as Guideline

A solid forehand uses the whole body and a loose arm. A common mistake is to swing only with the forearm to generate topspin. A better swing will let the whole arm move through the shot. Finishing with the elbow in front of your chest i...

Backhand Slice – Keep your Wrist up

Keeping the wrist up will help you achieve a solid contact point on a backhand slice. Even though you are hitting on a slightly downward path, your racquet head should never drop below your wrist or you will lose control. To...

Offensive and Defensive Lobs

A lob is an important shot in tennis and can win you many points. There are two types of lobs: The defensive lob which is high and deep and is used to buy you time to recover from a difficult situation and the offensive lob, which is low...

The Ideal Two-handed Backhand Contact Point

The right contact point allows the whole swing to flow. Understanding where that contact point is is half the battle. Let’s take a look at the ideal contact point on a two-handed backhand. To get access to the videos and pre...

The Correct Stances for the Two-Handed Backhand

In tennis the force is transmitted from the ground to the racquet so a solid stance makes a hug he difference. For a two handed backhand you can use a closed stance, an open stance or a stance in between. However, avoid stepping across ...

The Correct Use of the Forearm on the Forehand

The forearm is a very important part of the swing on the forehand. Spin and acceleration depend on the correct use of this segment during the swing. As the arm moves towards the ball, the forearm rotates explosively to generate spin and...