What people who are involved in tennis say about TennisGate

As a player, the TennisGate Tennis and Ball School in Villingen was my home since I was a little boy until I left for college. There I developed the fundamentals that my college coach Marc Booras build upon to help me become the player I am today. I still use many of the videos on the site and even appear on some of the clips.

Dominik Koepfer

#1 US COLLEGE 2016, ATP PRO (ATP TOUR 50 Career High 2021.05.10)

TennisGate is not only very well respected worldwide for the quality its tennis media but also for their experience in coaching education and player development. Every coach actively working with players will love this site.
Dan Santorum
CEO, PTR Professional Tennis Registry
Edgar Giffenig, Jürgen Mueller and Oliver Heuft have developed many players in their long coaching careers. Among them Dominik Koepfer, who was the number 1 player in college tennis in 2016. Dominik trained at the TennisGate Academy from the age of 6 to 18 before joining Tulane. TennisGate observes and analyses top player and uses this information to design age-appropriate training systems for the next generation of players. Their vast on-court experience working at all levels of the game coupled with their long-time involvement in coaching education makes TennisGate the perfect partner for any coach.
Iñaki Balzola
Head of Development PTR