These General Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the TennisGate training portal – which can be accessed at https://tennisgate.com/  – and to all transactions which customers enter into with TennisGate LTD Niederlassung Deutschland (hereinafter referred to as “TennisGate”; more details can be found under 2. Person of the vendor) in relation to commercial goods. Commercial goods in this connection comprise, without being restricted there to, video training courses on permanent data storage media or online video training courses, as individual products or as a subscription, as well as licences to use online training courses via the TennisGate training portal or on the basis of separately agreed licensing agreements.

The General Terms and Conditions of TennisGate shall apply exclusively in the version which is currently applicable. TennisGate shall have the right to modify the current General Terms and Conditions at any time and in particular to adapt them to reflect amended legal or commercial conditions. The amendment shall become effective with the following order placed by the customer via the TennisGate training portal. TennisGate does not recognise any other differing terms and conditions. Differing terms and conditions may only become part of the contract in exceptional circumstances if TennisGate acknowledges them by way of an explicit written confirmation.

The supplier and vendor is …

TennisGate LTD
Niederlassung Deutschland
im Friedengrund 8
Villingen-Schwenningen, 78050

Phone: +49 (761) 61254135
Email: info@tennisgate.com
Web: https://tennisgate.com/

Tax number: 22072/02508
Freiburg Register Court HRB 702613

Use at your own risk

TennisGate is certainly not intended as a substitute for personal instruction and support from experts. TennisGate is designed to complement this and support their work in a purposeful way. In general, you use the website www.tennisgate.com and its subdomains at your own risk. TennisGate would particularly like to emphasise that all training content on the website and in the products sold by TennisGate are intended for people who are healthy and certifiably fit for sports. TennisGate does not accept liability for personal damages which arise from undertaking TennisGate exercises.


The content and design of www.tennisgate.com is the intellectual property of TennisGate LTD Deutsche Niederlassung (publisher). All content of the representational website, include the subdomains, are copyright protected. This includes, but is not limited to, images, audio, videos and texts. Any reproduction or rendering of the entire content or parts of it in any form require explicit written permission. This information is only intended for personal use. All use which goes above and beyond this, particularly its storage in databases, its copying and any form of commercial use as well as its transmission to third parties – both in parts or in revised form – is strictly prohibited without the written approval of TennisGate LTD. Links to www.tennisgate.com are welcomed. Embedding or integrating our content into third party frames is only permitted with the written approval of TennisGate LTD and only if its origins are clearly described.


The purchase price agreed for the ordered products and licences is deemed to be the one detailed in the current information on our website or in our brochures, price lists etc. If there are any typing, printing and/or arithmetical errors, we shall be entitled to withdraw the price. All prices are shown inclusive of the current level of German value added tax (19%) and all other levies and surcharges (gross prices). Any import or export charges (for example customs charges) that may be levied must be paid by the customer.

Conclusion of contract

The placement of an order by the customer shall be regarded as a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract in respect of the online training course. The purchase contract shall come into effect either by TennisGate explicitly accepting the order or actually effecting it by providing access to the ordered online training and this shall take place within 14 days of TennisGate receiving the order. After the expiry of this period, there shall no longer be any obligation upon the customer and the purchase contract shall be deemed not to have materialised.

The offer to conclude a purchase contract shall be submitted by the purchaser when, during the order process, the step which is identified as “Pay now” or “Sign up now” is successfully carried out.

Delivery and access authorisation

With the membership subscription, the subscriber acquires as the licensee the right to use all of the content which the relevant subscription package from TennisGate comprises. For this purpose, TennisGate shall provide the advertised content on a server which can be accessed online. The video content can be accessed by the subscriber here by means of a Flash-enabled internet browser of the subscriber’s choice. This access is protected by a combination of user ID and password and is monitored automatically by TennisGate to ensure compliance with the licensing and contractual terms and conditions. The scope of service of the membership includes online access via streaming/progressive download via our media server. The content which is contained in the membership can be changed at any time if this is necessary for a compelling reason and the subscriber is not objectively penalised more than was the case when the contract was concluded. Such a reason shall be deemed to exist in particular if TennisGate is no longer allowed to provide content for reasons of copyright or if technical changes arise.

The contractual terms of the respective training subscriptions can be gleaned from the catalogue of services on the website. In their member area, customers have full transparency in respect of the current status of their ongoing subscription. Initially, the membership  runs for the minimum usage period purchased by the user. Subsequently, the membership extends by extension periods of the same duration if it is not cancelled by the user or by TennisGate within the allotted time.

TennisGate shall provide access to the online  subscription which has been ordered without any unnecessary delay, but in any event within a period of 3 days. If there are difficulties in executing an order on time for special reasons, the delivery deadline may exceed 3 days in individual cases. If the online training subscription is not available at the time of purchase, the customer shall be notified of this as soon as this information comes to light. In this case, TennisGate shall be entitled to withdraw from the contract. Any claims of the customer on account of the impossibility of performing the contract are excluded.

No claims for a reduction in price may be asserted at a later date on account of the online subscription not being available temporarily for a brief period of time.

TennisGate shall undertake to ensure that the content, which are the subject of the purchased service, remain available for the period which is concluded. This shall not affect any amendments to the content and articles which are inalienable for legal reasons.

Unless something is explicitly specified or agreed with TennisGate to the contrary, the purchaser shall acquire access authorisation enabling the training subscription to be utilised at the same time.

The access data may not be passed on and the access may not be transferred to another party. TennisGate has made provision for special team licences for this purpose. The customer must ensure that its access data does not unintentionally end up in the hands of third parties.

If TennisGate should have reason to suppose that the online material is being used in an improper way that is not permitted, TennisGate shall have the right, after making contact with the customer, to take appropriate measures. These measures shall include, among other things, but not exclusively, changing the password of the user account in question, temporarily disabling access or deleting the user account in question and/or excluding the user from the TennisGate membership.

Warranty and liability

The liability for any defects in the online training shall be based on the statutory warranty regulations. However, TennisGate shall initially at any rate be entitled to exchange or replace the feature which is lacking. A claim for a reduction in price may only be asserted after an appropriate period of time to make improvements has elapsed without success. TennisGate cannot be held liable for any claims which go beyond this, in particular for claims for compensation of any kind (consequential damage resulting from defects), including lost profit, loss due to delay etc.

TennisGate shall also not be liable for the content of the online training, in particular the formal accuracy and lawfulness and the accuracy and lawfulness of the content of the statements, text, pictures, audio or video clips, source texts, instructions etc. which are contained therein.

In general, the website www.tennisgate.com and its subpages are used at the user’s own risk. TennisGate wishes to point out in particular that all training content on the website and in the products which are sold by TennisGate is intended for people who are healthy and demonstrably fit enough to do sport. TennisGate shall not be liable for personal injury and damage to property which are caused by the performance of the TennisGate exercises.

This liability disclaimer shall also apply – within the scope of what is legally permitted – to any liability under the German Civil Code and to claims against employees, contractors, bodies or vicarious agents of TennisGate.

TennisGate accepts no liability for any technical faults which occur in the operation of the online portal. TennisGate also reserves the right to stop operating the portal at any time; however, this shall not prejudice the due processing of contracts which have already been concluded. Despite taking the utmost care and using the latest technology, TennisGate cannot offer any guarantee that it will be possible to access its servers at all times. The temporary failure or temporary inaccessibility of these servers shall therefore not entitle the subscriber to withdraw from the contract or make claims for compensation.

Data protection and advertising

The customer consents to TennisGate collecting, storing and processing, in an automated fashion, personal details such as first name, last name, postcode, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, internet address, date of birth for purposes of concluding and processing the contractual relationship.

A newsletter containing the latest product information, interviews with experts and practical tips can be subscribed to by the customer on the website regardless of whether the customer makes a purchase. The newsletter is published at irregular intervals, roughly once a month. The customer shall have the option at any time to unsubscribe from the newsletter by clicking on a link in the newsletter itself, or via email to unsubscribe@tennisgate.com.

Third-party rights (copyrights)

The customer acknowledges that rights of third parties, in particular copyrights and other intellectual property rights, exist in relation to the purchase item. The customer shall undertake to use the purchase item only within the scope of what is permitted under the contract and/or by law and to strictly comply with any licensing conditions that may apply. This applies in particular to texts and linguistic works, including software, databases as well as images, video and/or audio clips.

The above point applies to rights of TennisGate to its website and the content on it such as texts, graphics, logos, trademarks, titles, programs, pricing arrangements, databases and other services accordingly.

Place of performance, applicable law, partial nullity and place of jurisdiction

The place of performance is Villingen-Schwenningen in Germany; German law shall apply to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

In the event that individual provisions in these T&Cs contradict mandatory statutory regulations or are invalid, the remaining provisions shall still be effective. If one provision in these terms and conditions should be or become invalid, the General Terms and Conditions shall otherwise remain valid. The invalid provision is to be reworded or expanded or replaced so that the commercial intention which was being pursued here is achieved as far as possible.

The court in Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany which exercises commercial jurisdiction shall be responsible for handling any disputes arising from this contract.

Right of cancellation and withdrawal

The service shall be deemed to have been provided when access is provided to the TennisGate membership content and withdrawal from the contract is not possible after this time. The right of cancellation shall lapse, in accordance with the statutory provisions, with services which are not a financial service, if the contractor has started to execute the service with the explicit consent of the consumer before the end of the cancellation period or the consumer has arranged this itself. In the case of contracts relating to individual online training subscriptions where the subscriber receives access to the content enabled as soon as the registration process is complete, the subscriber’s right of cancellation shall therefore lapse at this actual point in time.

The customer shall have the opportunity to test the suitability of their equipment or internet connection for the online product before making a purchase using the freely available example products and videos. Incompatibility with one or more of the customer’s systems shall therefore not constitute a reason for withdrawal.

If TennisGate sells or facilitates the sale of goods from third-party suppliers, their T&Cs shall apply.

– Version updated April 2019


One of the main objectives of TennisGate LTD Niederlassung Deutschland (hereafter referred to as, TennisGate) is to provide the most secure and confidential service possible, ensuring the privacy of Users’ communications and personal data compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which took effect on May 25 2018.

What personal information we collect and why we collect it

To use the free pages of TennisGate you just have to fill in your email address, a chosen username and a chosen password. Passwords lacking the  security standard will not be accepted. The password should be at least twelve characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols like ! ” ? $ % ^ & ) After accepted our privacy guidelines you can log in with these credentials . To use TennisGate services, we need to collect some personal information. This is information that can be used to obtain personal or factual information about you. We only ask for the essential data that is needed:

  • for you to use the service for which you pay
  • and for us, the vendor, to issue a VAT-relevant invoice
  • and make sure that our customers are not under the age of 16. TennisGate cannot provide services to children under 16 years of age and requests will be denied.

We collect and store the information that you submit to us.

How we protect your data

We have taken intensive measures to protect our users from unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. We encrypt our data using SSL and provide you with a two-step verification process to verify your email address when accessing your user management section. We review our practices for collection, storage and processing, including physical security measures. To protect against unauthorized access to systems, we restrict access to personal information to TennisGate employees and contractors who must know the data in order to process this information for us and who are subject to strict confidentiality obligations and may be subject to disciplinary action or termination if they fail to comply with these obligations and / or companies that have signed order processing agreements.

What measures we offer in the event of data breaches

We implement appropriate organizational, technical and administrative measures for the protection of personal data within our company. Unfortunately, the security of a data communications or data storage system can never be fully guaranteed. If you have reason to believe that your use of our services is no longer secure (for example, if you feel that your account has been accessed without authorization), please contact us immediately. In the event of data leaks and / or attacks on the servers of our service providers, all systems will be put into a maintenance mode until these leaks are closed or the attacks have been averted.

Your right to information

For questions about the collection, processing or use of your personal data (including e-mail addresses), information, correction, blocking or deletion of data and revocation of granted consent, please contact our office office@tennisgate.com or +49 ( 0) 761 61254135.

Data Protection Officer

Only a small and specially trained group of people (less than 10 employees) deals with personal data at TennisGate. The TennisGate LTD Niederlassung Deutschland therefore does not have to appoint a data protection officer by name according to the provisions of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for its website. This professional and disciplinary responsibility therefore lies with the authorized representative named in the imprint.

Contact forms

All information that you submit to us in a contact form will be sent in an SSL protected area. Submitted contact forms are stored for customer service for a certain period of time, but not used for marketing purposes.

Will your data be shared?

TennisGate LTD Germany does not disclose any personal data to third parties. Due to legal requirements, we may be obliged in individual cases to pass on your personal data to law enforcement authorities. This for example, if there is suspicion of a crime or misuse of our website. TennisGate uses for fulfillment of existing contractual obligations of third companies. These are contractually obligated, in accordance with the data protection regulations and according to our instructions, to handle your personal data carefully and not to use them for their own purposes or to pass them on to third parties. In addition, your data will be stored exclusively in our database and on our servers.

How long we save your data

We store your data for the purpose of registration and processing of a purchase contract (processing purpose) only as long as it is necessary for the respective purpose (Article 5 paragraph 1 lit. e) GDPR), in case of terminated contractual relationships in compliance with commercial and tax law retention periods. The retention of contract data with regard to any warranty claims, ie for the duration of the relevant warranty periods, must also be taken into account.

Payment transactions

Although TennisGate is PCI-compliant, we do not store payment data. These are only stored by companies that handle the payment process and have the highest security payment standards, such as PayPal and Stripe.

What rights do you have to your data?

Via your account you have access to and can modify your personal information.

If you wish to review, correct or update previously disclosed personal information, you can do so by logging into your customer account at https://tennisgate.com/my-account or by contacting us https://tennisgate.com/contact/.

If you send us your request by e-mail, please indicate in this, which personal data you want to change. For security reasons, we can only respond to requests for personal information that can be associated with the email address you used to send us your request, and we may need to verify your identity before we submit your request Inquiry. We will do our best to respond to your request as soon as possible. If you have an account on this website, you may request that we export your personal information, including any data you have provided to us. In addition, you may request the deletion of any personal information we have stored about you. This does not include the data we need to retain for administrative, legal or security-related needs.


With your registration, you agree that TennisGate will send you newsletters and offers to the e-mail address provided by you at different times.

Disabling the receipt of our electronic communications.

If you no longer wish to receive marketing-related emails from us in the future, you can deactivate these via the unsubscribe link contained in these emails. Please note that even if you have disabled the receipt of our marketing related emails, we may still be able to send you important administrative messages required to provide our services to you and must, like password-forgotten emails, activate emails for Identification of your account authorization or invoices and / or billing records.

Hyperlinks to external websites

On our website there are so-called hyperlinks to websites of other providers. In these cases, they will be redirected from our website directly to the other providers’ website (changed url). We can not be held responsible for the way your data is handled on these external websites because we have no control over their compliance with privacy policies. For information about the handling of your personal data by these companies, please inform directly on their websites.


We use cookies in various places on our website. You can opt-out the cookies in our cookie notice at any time.

Cookies are small identifiers that a server stores on the device that you use to access our website or services. They contain information that can be retrieved when accessing our services, allowing for more efficient and better use of our services.

When you sign up, we will set up some cookies to store your login and viewing options. Log-in cookies expire after two days and cookies for display options after one year. If you select “Stay signed in” when signing up, your registration will be maintained for two weeks. Logging out of your account will delete the login cookies.

The cookies serve to improve our services and the use of certain features. Thus, e.g. In addition, cookies are also used, among other things, to collect statistical information about our website, such as the number of visitors, or to use special convenience functions in your customer account, such as “My History “.

You can prevent the setting of cookies at any time by means of an appropriate setting of your Internet browser used and thus permanently contradict the setting of cookies. Furthermore, already set cookies can be deleted at any time via an internet browser or other software programs. This is possible in all common internet browsers. If you deactivate the setting of cookies in the Internet browser used, not all functions of our website may be fully usable.

Analysis services

We use the following tracking and analysis tools:

Google Analytics: The operating company of the Google Analytics component is Google Inc. The purpose is to analyze the flow of visitors on our website. Among other things, Google uses the data and information obtained to evaluate the use of our website in order to compile online reports for us.

Google Analytics sets a cookie in your browser. By using this cookie Google is enabled to analyze the usage of our website. Each time you visit a web page that has a Google Analytics component integrated into it, the web browser automatically causes it to submit data to Google. No personal data will be transmitted to Google. The IP address we collect will be forwarded to Google only after anonymization.

It is possible to object to the collection and processing of this data by Google. You will need to download and install a browser add-on at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout.

Additional information and Google’s privacy policy can be found at https://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/ and at http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/gb.html. Google Analytics is explained in more detail here.

Google Analytics and the EU-US Privacy Shield

Google has committed to comply with the US Department of Commerce Privacy Shield Agreement between the EU and the US on the collection, use and storage of personal information from EU Member States. Google, including Google Inc. and its wholly owned subsidiaries in the United States, has certified that it complies with applicable privacy shield principles.

The certificate from Google can be found here.