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Forehand Closed Stance (back view)

The forehand from the lateral position occurs in competition tennis in special situations. One of these situations, for example, is a ball that flies relatively centrally towards the player. To ge...

Forehand Key-Points in Rogers Warmup

Of course, there is a difference between analyzing Federer's movements in the match or when hitting and warming up. Roger is known for his extremely easy hitting, his footwork is reduced to a minim...

Different Body Volley Solutions

In the following clip you will see Berdych at the net working on his volleys and adjusting to many different shots hit at him. We will take a close look at the contact point through our...

All topics of Tennis2Brain

The site is divided into different sections to help you find exactly the information you need. Below you will find a listing of all sections and a description of what you will find in each of them. To further facilitate your search, each section is searchable by key words.

Use the technical guidelines to develop your strokes

The serve and return are arguably the most important shots in tennis. Every point played start with a serve and a return. However, these two shots are also the least practiced shots in tennis. This does not add up. In this section you will find everything you need to understand and practice these essential skills.

Learning from the pros
The groundstrokes are the heart of the game, and hitting technically solid strokes is very important. However, hitting solid shots is only half the battle, the other half is knowing when and where to hit each shot to increse your chances of winning the point.
Understand and improve the technique of the strokes that you need for a successful net game

Approaching the net is an essential skill to finish points and play a successful doubles game. The net game has its own set of tecnical and tactical rules that every successful net player needs to understand and practice.  If you ever wonder how to win more points  at the net, here is the answer.

Preparation to play

Players will not only warm up their muscles but will also be mentally prepared to perform. Of course, TennisGate also offers warm up drills for large groups. The newer and more creative the drill, the easier it is to motivate the players to work hard during this often tedious part of the training.

In this category you will find clear examples of warm up activities that help maximize a player’s on court performance.

Preparation to play is divided into the sections "Preparing your body", "Rhythm and Timing" and "Mini Tennis".

Be fit and keep fit

Your body is your capital! Our experts and partners in the areas of athletic development and functional movement will accompany you as you take another step forward towards achieving your goals.

In different sections you can improve your agility and speed, strength and power, coordination and balance as well as mobility and flexibility.

If you are serious about optimizing your body's performance and staying healthy the fifth section of the fitness category called "Regenerate better" is for you. 


Running fast is important in tennis but the ability to change directions in balance is essential and in order to do it well you need to understand tennis specific footwork.

In this section you will find everything you need to understand and practice these essential skills.

To practice effectively with many drills you will be well prepared with instruction videos in the section "Understanding and Improving Footwork" and innovative observations in "Learning footwork from the pros".

Learning Doubles from the Pros

Doubles is quick, dynamic and exciting, and is a totally different game than singles. Doubles requires a different set of skills and great doubles players have to feel comfortable anywhere on the court, especially close to the net.In "Doubles" you will find everything you need to help you understand, improve and succeed in doubles. This category is divided into the sections "The tactical keys in doubles", "Learning doubles from the pros" and "Practicing doubles".

Be fit and keep fit

The mental game plays a determinant role in competitive tennis. The only way to achieve consistent performances at the level you are capable of is by learning to control your thoughts, emotions and focus in such a way as to allow your body to play freely and automatically.

In the section  you will learn how to:  "Optimize Performance in Competition" and  how to "Learn to compete better" 

Kids on Court

The structure of this Kids on Court enables individual training for the different age groups as well as training in large groups.

Over 300 videos will give you a clear structure developing different areas like Motor and Athletic skills, groundstrokes, serve and return as well as net game with fundamental technique blocks in the stages red, orange and green.

This category is perfect for anyone who's teaching kids.