Technical Guidelines of Groundstrokes

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Forehand Closed Stance (back view)

The forehand from the lateral position occurs in competition tennis in special situations. One of these situations, for example, is a ball that flies relatively centrally towards the player. To get access to the videos and p...

Two-Handed Topsin Backhand Swing Path

In this clip the player backs up far behind the baseline and hits a high defensife topspin shot. The racquet path drops quickly from a position above the shoulders to around knie height. The wrist is fully involved extending towards the ...

High Defensive One Handed Topspin Backhand

The path of the ball is a resutl of the angle of the swing, the racquet head at contact and the speed of the racquet.  here we can cleary see that in order to hit a high ball with ample spin, the racquet head has to drop considerably un...

Drive Forehand Swing Path

The player takes the racquet back through a shoulder rotation. The racquet head lags a bit pointing forwards. As the racquet moves upwards and forwards towards contact, the wrist opens and the butt cap point at the ball.. The swing path...

Swing Path vs. Technical Details

There is a difference if you look at a stroke from a technical perspective of just focus on the swing path of the racquet head. There are many factors involved in the technical details.  Each body segment and its changes during the swin...

One-handed Off-the Bounce Backhand (Side view)

Sometimes during a point the player will not have time to move back and will have to hit a ball right of the bounce. This shot requires a very short backswing and the use of the forearm to square the racquet head to contact. Let's take a...

One-handed Backhand Slice Lob (Sideview)

A good lob is an essential tool for any tennis player. A defensive lob at the right time or an offensive lob when unexpected can change the momentum of the point. Adding slice to a lob will provide the player with extra control. The one ...

One-handed Topspin Backhand Lob (Sideview)

When at the net in doubles angle the short lobs and hit deep lobs through the middle or at the opponent’s feet. A good topspin lob requires great racquet acceleration and hat is not easy with a one handed backhand. To accomplish this s...

One-Handed Topspin Backhand

In this demonstration, our player hits a one-handed topspin backhand. The camera follows from the back allowing us to see in more detail how the player lines up behind the ball and how he uses his upper body rotation in the swing, ...

One-handed Backhand Slice Approach (Back view)

This video of the one-handed slice backhand approach from the back show clearly how the racquet head moves high to low and across the body. It also shows how the player remains sideways as he moves through the shot towards the net and on...

One-handed Backhand Approach

In this demonstration, our player hits a one-handed topspin backhand, approaching the net. In order to hit this shot effectively the player has to hit the ball with heavy topspin to make it dip over the net and move fluidly through the s...

One-handed Backhand Backing Up

In this video we will analyze a one-handed backhand where the player has to back up. From this frontal camera angle we can clearly see how the player moves sideways to get in position and then swings up and around to hit a deep, heavy, h...