A stroke technique is a movement pattern used to solve a problem and therefore cannot be designed on a drawing board. At TennisGate we have made a commitment to observe these movement patterns and describe them. We go into great detail in our analysis and using our knowledge of biomechanics to draw conclusions that we can integrate into our on court practices.

We establish guidelines based on the common aspects of the swings of top players and use them to train our young players. We teach them fundamentals upon which they can develop their individual styles in the future. The conclusions and assertions of our TennisGate authors are always supported by their practical experience.

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January 20, 2019Technical Details all Shots

Flat Serve Back View

The back view is the perfect perspective to look at the torso rotation and the shoulder and arm action on the serve. Our player uses a platform stance and a nice torso rotation. The hitting shoulder is below the tossing shoulder in the p...

January 20, 2019Technical Details all Shots

Forehand Topspin Volley

The topspin volley is used in match play as a transition shot from the baseline to the net when players face high slow balls. The contact point is about shoulder level. The player should move through the shot and accelerate the racquet h...

January 20, 2019Technical Details all Shots

Forehand Half Volley

The forehand half volley requires a very short backswing and a low preparation. The racquet head remains parallel to the net to assure solid contact right after the bounce. The swing is forwards and upwards, and the contact point is belo...

January 20, 2019Technical Details all Shots

Backhand Half Volley

A one handed backhand volley is a nice addition to the game of a two-handed player.  The same goes for a one handed half volley. Just as with the forehand half volley, the backhand half volley requires a very short backswing and a low p...