Serve and Return Development

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Bambinis – Return – The Platform

Players practice their return and emphasize the split step by stepping on a platform, jumping down and landing with a split step. The jump will help them understand the concept of split stepping To get access to the videos and...

Bambinis – Serve – Serving to Both Sides

Young players practice serving to both sides. For beginners start the serve with the racquet in throwing position. The focus should be on tossing in the right place, making contact as high as possible and in controling the direction of t...

Bambinis – Overhand Throws

Before learning to serve, children need to feel comfortable throwing a ball overhand accurately and powerfully, so throwing and working on the throwing technique should be integrasted in most lessons as a precursor to the serve. ...

Bambinis – Pre-serve Coordination

The serve requires the coordination of several different body parts. Especially difficult is to coordinate the movement of the arms in opposite directions while tossing and taking the racquet back. Here is an exercise where novice childr...

Bambinis – Serve and Return Practice

The coach and another player serve and two player practice the return. The group rotates so that everyone serves and returns. Depending on the level of the players the serves will serve from inside the court. With older advanced players ...

Bambinis – Tossing and Catching (Serve)

Learning to toss in control is essential to develop a solid serve. Here is a simple exercise to help young children develop this skill. Children work on tossing as if serving and then catching the toss. The goal is to toss the ball so th...

Working on the Return with a Partner

In this exercises you see kids working on two different exercises. On the one side they are working on focus when returning by trying to hit a ball  thrown overhand with a bat. To get access to the videos and premium media, j...