The Singles Tactic Master Class

$149.00 $79.00 VAT incl.

If you like to play singles and are looking to maximize your potential on the court, the Singles Tactic Master Class is for you. No more second guessing, I should have done this or that.  No more doubt – is this the right shot to hit in this situation?  The Master Class will give you all the tools you need to optimize your game by utilizing your strength to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses. 



In the course you will find more than 100 videos covering all essential singles tactical concepts.  At its conclusion you will understand:

  • How the geometry of the court dictates where to stand to best cover each of your opponent’s shots and what shots to hit to improve your chances of winning the point.
  • The essential tactical concepts that will immediately help you win more matches.
  • All the basic laws of the game which dictate what shot you should hit in every situation that you may encounter on the court to increase your chances of success.
  • How to practice, so that these laws become automatic and allow you to respond with the ideal shot without any thought.
  • How to play against different playing styles so that you feel comfortable when playing opponents, who rush the net, who just push the ball back, who are very aggressive, etc.
  • The 8 fundamental strategies that you can use at different point in the match

With this information and a little practice you will find yourself playing with confidence knowing that you are playing percentage tennis – choosing the shots that will maximize your chances for success.


The course offers life time access at any time.  Once you pay for the course and set your user name and  password  you can access it at your convenience as many times as you like.
The course is structured into lessons and topics to allow for easy access and understanding. Through our easy to follow layout you will always know where you are, what you have done and what comes next.
We suggest that you go through the course in order from start to finish since the topics build on each other, however you have the ability to move freely through the course. Each time you finish a video lesson you can mark it as “complete” so that you know exactly what you have seen and move through the course at your own pace.