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Throw and Catch Game

Catch and Throw Duel

Players catch and throw in one of the service boxes.  They play points tossing the ball underhand. The tennis ball may not hit the ground. Very intense and challenging warm up game.To get access t...

SideStep Circle

Five marker caps are laid out in a circle. There is a ball on all othem except one. The idea is to move with sidesteps the whole time grabing one ball at a time and moving it forward in the circle....

Miss-hits and frame-shots at the start of practice are signs of a lack of focus and intensity. Rarely is there so much time wasted during a training session as in the warm up. Many players seem to believe that the training really starts after the warm up but the truth is that: “The warm up is already part of the training.”

The section is divided in the following categories:

Preparing the Body

Preparing the Body

Players will not only warm up their muscles but will also be mentally prepared to perform. Of course, TennisGate also offers warm up drills for large groups. The newer and more creative the drill, the easier it is to motivate the players to work hard during this often tedious part of the training.

Here you will find many tools and ideas to prepare the body and the mind to perform.

Rhythm and Timing

Rhythm and Timing

We value a dynamic and play oriented warm up such as Volley and overhead in motion, groundstrokes in motion with changes of direction, intensive use of footwork and the practice of the first few shots of the point. Off course, all the TennisGate tips to warm up strokes are ideal for team practices.

All the drills here are designed to force the players to move and use all their strokes

Play Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis

Whether in individual training or team training, playing mini tennis is a great way to practice important coordinative elements needed to play on the full court, without even realizing it.
TennisGate offers a great variety of mini tennis drills. These drills address many important technical and tactical elements, and are a great way to warm up and at the same time develop feel and finess,