Practicing Footwork

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Sliding needs to be practiced

The partner throws the ball to the baseline and diagonally forward. The player plays the ball and covers it immediately after the stroke. The coach also tries to throw the ball against the moving direction and tries to get the player out...

Changing Hands

The coach tosses a tennis ball to the student. The player has an extra ball in his hand, which he does not throw back but has to change from hand to hand in order to catch the coach's ball with one hand after one bounce.To get access to ...

Two Color Ball Movement Drill

The coach tosses balls to the student. He has a play-and-stay ball in his hand and a normal yellow tennis ball. The task of the students this time is to catch regular  ball directly in the air. However...To get access to the videos and ...

Footwork with Medicine Ball

Footwork with Medicine Ball

This is a great drill to work on footwork and can be used as a warm up, as a way to strengthen or as a tool to improve the anaerobic capacity of a player. A bouncing medicine ball is ideall for many drills requiring catching and throwing...

inside Out Forehand Tossing Drill

Inside Out Forehand Tossing Drill

The coach and the player face each other on the middle of the baseline. The coach hand feeds to the backhand side and the player runds around to hit a forehand. Pay attention to the movement cycle.To get access to the videos and premium ...

Sprint to the Corner with High Five

Sprint to the Corner with High Five

The players will shadow the run without a ball to understand what they have to do. The high five is used to force a recovery. Once the player understands how to move, the coach will feed wide balls and the player will return them.To get ...

The Movement Cycle

The Movement Cycle

If one compares tennis now a day with the game 20 years ago, one will discover many changes in the athleticism of the players, and this is clearly reflected on footwork. Let’s take a look at the basic components of effective footwork: ...

Coordination - Sliding

Coordination – Sliding

The players can first develop a feel for sliding, stopping, pushing off and doing the cross-over step, before they later implement this on court. The coach has an excellent opportunity to focus on correcting movements. To get access to t...