Practicing Doubles

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April 10, 2019Practicing Doubles

Offense/Defense Intense Doubles

A defensive doubles team starts at the baseline, an offensive one at the service-line. Both teams have to sprint forward on asignal of the coach (as a preload). The Baseliners sprint to the service -line and touch the line, the net playe...

April 10, 2019Practicing Doubles

Two up/Two back Doubles Points

An offensive doubles team who starts at the service line should move up with a deep, smart first volley. The coach feeds flat and fast to the net players, so that they cannot put the first volley away away”. They will hit a deep volle...

April 10, 2019Practicing Doubles

The Poaching Challenge

Two doubles start classically, each team with a baseline player and a net player. The coach feeds and a baseline duel startsl. Players can only play down the line when lobbing. The net players try to interfere and poach. To get access to...

April 10, 2019Practicing Doubles

Doubles-circle from the Baseline

4 players hold 2 balls in play at the baseline controlling the rhythm and direction. The players are all very close to the baseline and take the ball early. The coach puts a ball into play, the players play in a specific direction,two pl...

April 10, 2019Practicing Doubles

Dingles (Singles/Doubles)

Here single is combined with doubles. Two doubles teams play against each other.  The game starts with two singles points played simultaneously on half the doubles court.   As soon as a player loses the point he/she calls "doubles" and...

April 10, 2019Practicing Doubles

Doubles with High Five

Optimal warmup game before the doubles training. Four players stand  next to each other at the baseline. They play points on the whole doubles court but have to "high five" their partner every time they touch the ball.To get access to t...

April 10, 2019Practicing Doubles

Doubles Rally after a Drop Shot

A very dynamic game in team training. Two double teams each start on the service line. At the coach's command, they turn around, sprint to the baseline, cross the line with their foot, and then run  to play a short shot hit by the coach...

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