Improving your strokes is important, but equally important is choosing the right shot at the right time. In order to improve this skill, you have to practice every situation that you may face in a point over and over until your responses become automatic.

All of the singles drills in this section are designed to do just that.

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Doubles with High Five

Optimal warmup game before the doubles training. Four players stand  next to each other at the baseline. They play points on the whole doubles court but have to "high five" their partner every time they touch the ball. To get...

Control Stroke Game

Two players play points in the small field (without double field). Each player must first bump the ball in a controlled manner before it is played across the net into the opposing field. What is needed is good footwork, a feeling for the...

Football Tennis in Teams with a Pass

All players (2 against 2 in the small field) play without racquets. One player receives the ball  (foot, head or chest) and passes it to the partner. He then has to play it over immediately (without passing). Here he is allowed to play ...

Drop shot Game with Recovery

Two players face each other in the service boxes. The players have to play a drop shot just over the net. After each drop shot, they sprint and touch the middle line with their foot and sprint back to the ball. To get access t...

Grip Tennis in Teams with a Pass

4 players play mini tennis in the service boxes.  Players have to pass the ball to their parner, who then hits it over with the grip.  This is a fun way to warm up and improve focus and coordination. To get access to the vid...

Drop Shot Battle

Two players face each other in the min tennis court. The players have the task to play a ball just over the net as a drop shot. After each drop shot, they sprint back to the service line, touch it with their foot and sprint back to the b...

Attached Doubles with a Pass

Two teams play doubles on the service boxes plus alleys.  Each player holds a towel with one hand which attaches them to their team mate.  The point is played out but the player that hits the first ball has to pass it to his/her parner...

Head Tennis 1 Against 1

Two players play on one side of the service boxes.  The task is to stop the ball with the racquet and hit it over with the head.  The ball is allowed to bounce once before hit with the racquet.  A nice warm up drill to work on coordin...

Headball Tennis in Teams with a Pass

Two teams play in the service boxes with alleys.  One player has to pass the ball with the racquet to the partner, who hits the ball over the net with the head. This is a difficult game that requires great feel and perception. ...

Volley Headers

Players play in one service box.  The ball is not allowed to bounce.  The players receive the ball with their racquet, bump it up and return it with their heads. To get access to the videos and premium media, just login here...

Ping Pong Rally

Ping Pong Rally

The game is played within the two service boxes (not including the tramlines). One player brings the ball into play by hitting a shot that bounces on his or her own side first before crossing the net. To get access to the vid...

Return: Spanish Return Pattern

Return: Spanish Return Pattern

Many top players from Spain and South America choose to use this type of return – therefore we call it the “The Spanish Point Initiation”. A similar point initiation can also be used as a server. The server serves wide and moves to...

Points – Slice Lob vs Overhead Down the Line

One player is at the net and the other at the baseline. Players will play points on half the court including alleys. The player at the net starts the point. The baseline player can only hit slice lobs. The game ends when one of the playe...

Half Court Points: Attacking Down the Line

Players play on half the singles court. The rally starts with a feed from the coach to one of the players anywhere the coach chooses. The player hits the first shot back to the coach. The coach volleys back to the side where the point wi...

Half Court Points from Offense to Defense

Players play on half the singles court down the line. The rally starts with a deep feed from the coach to one of the players into the playing area. The player hits the first shot crosscourt back to the coach. The coach volleys short into...

Backhand Slice on the Run

Points to 11 without serve The point starts with a running slice backhand. The slice player starts in the forehand corner. After the slice, the point is played out on the whole singles court. To get access to the videos and pr...

Points Starting with a Defensive Backhand

Points Starting with a Defensive Backhand

The player sprints from the middle of the baseline to the intersection of the service line and the sideline and touches the ground with the racquet. His opponent sprints laterally, parallel to the baseline, and touches the doubles sideli...

Open Rally from the Baseline

Open Rally from the Baseline

Feed an easy shot to the opponent, aiming at the center of the court. The players should alternate feeding, since the player feeding has the advantage of being the first one allowed to attack. The opponent hits the ball back to the feede...

Tactic: Running around the Backhand

Tactic: Running around the Backhand

The feed is underhand and to the opponent’s backhand. The feed should be slow enough to allow the opponent to run around the backhand. The players should alternate feeding. The opponent has to play a forehand to start the point. He can...

Points: Master of Slice

Points: Master of Slice

Slice (half the court vs. topspin (whole court). You start the point with a feed to the backhand-side of the court after that the point is played out slice vs. topspin. You are not allowed to hit drop shots or to come to the net. ...