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Different Body Volley Solutions

In the following clip you will see Berdych at the net working on his volleys and adjusting to many different shots hit at him. We will take a close look at the contact point through our...

The Sneak Attack

This clip is a great example of a sneak attack, that is, a situation when a player decides to approach the net only after he/she sees that his/her shot will get the opponent in trouble.In this case...

If you want to improve your net game you are in the right section.  You will find everything you need by accessing the following categories.

Technical Guidelines

The purpose of the technical guidelines section is to help you understand the essential elements for each stroke. Here you will find several examples of net games strokes from different angles. Each stroke has been analyzed for you and broken down to help you understand the different key elements present in an effective net game situation.

Understanding and Improving Technique

Understanding and Improving Technique

In this section you will find a collection of clips analyzing and dissecting all technical elements of the net game. Each video will focus on one key element to help you understand the essential components of each stroke and provide you with the necessary tools to improve your technique.
The Tactical Keys of the Net Game

The Tactical Keys of the Net Game

The net game has its own set of tactical rules that every successful net player needs to understand and practice. These rules will help you be more successful when approaching the net. In this section you will find a collection of mini tips (concise and to the point) exploring all important tactical aspects that you need  to considered when attacking the net.

Leraning from the pros netgame

Learning from the Pros

What better example than watching the pros in action executing volleys and overheads. Explore this section for clear visual ideas on how the elite of the game solves different situations at the net.
Practicing Net Game

Practicing the Net Game

Although the majority of tennis players play more doubles than singles, most practices focus on groundstrokes. If you ever wonder how to improve at the net, here is the answer. In this section you will find fun dynamic and effective drills to improve your volleys, overheads and tactical play at the net.