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Bambinis – Introduction to the Half Volley

The coach kneels close to the player to be able to feed with precision. The player sets the racquet head on the ground and tries to hit the fed ball over the net right off the bounce. To get access to the videos and premium m...

Bambinis – Split and Volley Intro

The coach sets some hoops in such a way thet the players step with one leg into one hoop and then with both legs into two hoops, immitating a split step. The players run through the hoop path and continue to the net where the coach tosse...

Bambinis – Volley to Volley with Foam Ball

A foam ball will allow young players to gain confidence at the net. First it is soft and will not hurt if they are hit. Second, its slow flight makes it a lot easier to control. In this exercises players are asked to rally with each othe...

Bambinis – Volley Targets Red Court

The goal of the drill is to practice volley control. Two targets are placed on the court. Two players are on one side of the net and the other two on the other side. The players play singles and rotate. To get access to the vi...

Bambinis – Doubles Approach

Players play doubles on the red court. Both teams start back. One team hits a short ball and the opponents hit an approach shot and run to the net. The point is played out. To get access to the videos and premium media, just ...

Bambinis – Approach

Players play singles on the red court. One player starts the point. The opponent hits the ball and approaches the net. The point is played out. Good for red, orange and green players To get access to the videos and premium med...

Bambinis – Backhnad Volley Shadows

Players shadow the backhand volley technique. This is a good way to check for understanding of the stroke and fine tune the technique. If they cannot do it well without ball, they will not do it better with the ball. To get ac...

Bambinis – Approach Volley Doubles

Two teams play against each other doubles on the orange court. All four players start at the baseline. The coach or one of the players feeds a short ball. The opponents hit an approach shot and charge the net. To get access t...

Bambinis – Rally with a Volley Control Shot

A control shot is a great way to introduce volleys to children since it promotes the required abbreviated swing. In this drill players rally with each other stopping the incoming ball, bumping it up and hitting it over the net before it ...

Bambinis – Pass, Control and Volley

This is a control exercise for four players. Two doubles teams play against each other. A player has to pass the ball to his/her partner who then bumps it up and volleys it over. To get access to the videos and premium media,...

Bambinis – Intro Volleys – Steering Wheel

In this exercises players are at the net holding the racquet from the racquet head as if it were a steering wheel. Their job is to block the incoming balls. By doing this they will learn that volleys are blocked and that the contact poin...

Bambinis – 2 at the net vs 2 back

Two players stand at the net and two players stand behind the service boxes. Players rally with their partners trying to keep the ball in play groundstrokes against volleys. Partners try to hit as many balls in a row as possible. ...

Timing: Over the Head

JUMP AND SMASH This is a classic exercise for a training camp or a station during a children’s afternoon at your club. The kids first jump on a trampoline, land on the floor and then adjust to a slow falling balloon, which they have hi...

Using Cones to Improve the Overhead

The players hold a cone behind their back, with the bottom facing upwards. The coach feeds a high ball into the forecourt and the players have to position themselves below it. The ball should land in the cone after one bounce. ...

Volley and Passingshot

The coach feeds a ball to a player at th enet, who hits the first volley to a specific spot. The player on the baseline has to try to pass the player at the net. The point is played out. To get access to the videos and premi...

Volleyball Tennis with a Control Shot

The players play doubles passing the ball to their partner once before hitting back over the net.  The player hitting the ball over has to bump it up before hitting it over in the air to the opponents. To get access to the vi...