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The Split Step

You don't have to stick your neck out too far to say that the split step is the most important step combination in tennis. It ensures that a player can move in all directions from a position of com...

Djokovic Court Recovery

This analysis focuses on the ideal recovery position after each shot. We will look at one point between Djokovic and Raonic and illustrate the ideal and real recovery position for both...

Sliding needs to be practiced

The partner throws the ball to the baseline and diagonally forward. The player plays the ball and covers it immediately after the stroke. The coach also tries to throw the ball against the moving d...

In this section you will find everything you need to understand and practice tennis specific  footwork to help you cover the court better. This section is devided in the following categories:

Learning Footwork from Pros

Understanding and Improving Footwork

Running fast is important in tennis but the ability to change directions in balance is essential, and in order to do it well you need to understand tennis specific footwork. Here you will find everything you need to understand how to cover the court better.

Learning Footwork from Pros

Learning from the pros

Fast running and hitting speeds are an essential in today’s world-class tennis. The ability of top players to hit the ball hard and aggressively begins with great footwork.

An ideal acceleration of the racquet head starts with the legs, which transfer the power upward through the body to the racquet head. Take a look at how the best of the best move around the court with our great action footage!

Practicing Footwork

Practicing Footwork

As experienced developmental coaches we are especially interested in providing our members with high-intensity and effective drills which:

  • Promote speed and mobility
  • Train explosive changes of direction
  • Zero in on hitting while jumping
  • Motivate players to push their limits