Motor Development

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Partner-Drill with the Reaction Ball

Two children throw a reaction ball to each other.  One throws it through the target at the net and the other around the target, sometimes to the right and sometimes to the left. To get access to the videos and premium media, ...

Bambinis – Split Step Work with Hoops

This is a good way to get familiar with the split step technique. The coach sets up hoops on the ground in such a way that the player has to step forward into one hoop and then jump into two hoops, mimicking the split step. T...

Minis – Catching and Throwing with a Cone

| Trash | View | Purge from cache | Edit with Pro | Clone | New Draft The players pair up. Both players do not have a racquet. One player will toss the ball underhanded to his/her partner. The partner will mimic a forehand volley and ...

Minis – Target Throwing and Running

Players form a line at the baseline. The first player runs to the service line and grabs a ball that sits on a ball can without moving the can. He/she then runs to the net and throws the ball overhanded through a target. To ge...

Bambinis – Catching and Throwing

Catching and throwing are the fundamental skills in tennis and should be practiced often with beginners. Undrstanding the flight characteristic of the ball is as important as understanding how to strike it. To get access to t...

Bambinis – Understanding Ball Direction

An important aspect of the game is placement. Here is an exercise to introduce novice player to the concept of directing the ball. In this simple exercise players are asked to roll a ball in different directions into the net. By doing th...

Bambinis – Coordination – Carioca

Players move laterally accross the court using a carioca step, which means they step across their front foot, alternating steppin over their front foot and behind it. The arms stay parallel to the grounds. Children should start slowly an...

Bambinis – Coordination – 3 on each Side

Players move along a line taking three steps on each side of the line. Players should start slowly and increase the speed as they feel comfortable. The goal is to move as fast as possible without making mistakes. This should be part of a...

Minis – Ball Challenge Starting on their Back

The players will lie on their backs and on command will run, get two balls, put them in the basquet and lay down again. A nice way to work on speed and agility with little kids. Of course the drill can be used with children of any age by...

Minis – Picking up Balls by Time

An easy way to work on speed and agility with little kids is by giving them a certain amount of time to run and get all the balls in the basquet. In this drill the coach counts, and the challenge is to have all the balls in the basquet b...

Minis Balance – One Legged Ball Retrieving

In order to improve their sense of balance players are asked to hop on one leg, retrive a ball, put it in the basquet and remain standing on one leg. The same process is repeated a few times alternating legs To get access to t...

Minis Throwing Underhand, Catching and Rolling

In this exercises you will find young players experimenting with underhand throws, catching and rolling. At this age children need to become familiar with balls. All sorts of throwing and catching are necessary to improve their tracking ...

Minis – The Rest Area

When working with little children it is important to assign a space on the court where they can disconnect, recharge and get ready for the next class-segment. In this clip you will see how a large plastic matt is used to design this area...

Minis Slalom Rolling 2

The children move through a cone slalom course pushing different size balls with their racquets. The children are instructed to hold their racquet with both hands, which forces them to assume the typical sideways position of a groundstr...

Minis Overhand Target Throwing 2

An important step in learning to throw is making sure the foot position is correct. Here is is a clip with an example: Make sure the player steps with the oposite foot and throws. To get access to the videos and premium medi...

Minis Overhand Throwing 7 – on Knees

The basic serving motion requires the player to throw the racquet at the ball. The serve motion is upwards just like throwing a ball high. In this drill the minis practice throwing high by kneeling before a high net and trying to clear ...

Minis Overhand Target Throwing 1 – Basic

Practicing the overhand throw should be an integral part of every training session with small children. The better they throw, the better they wil serve. Here is a basic throwing exercise for small children: Throwing at targets. Start e...

Minis Catching and Throwing 1 – with Coach

Catching and throwing are important fundamentals of the game. By practicing these skills player start to understand how the ball behaves in the air and once it bounces. This ability will later help them to position themselves to hit the...

Minis Overhand Target Throwing 4 – Running

The overhand throw is the foundation of the serve and overhead. Here is a drill to help little children develop this skill. Children run to the net and throw overhand to a target placed diagonally across them on the other side of the cou...

Bambinis – Overhand Crosscourt Target Throws

To develop the foundation of the serve and overhead children need to practice their overhand throw regularly. In this exercise players run to the net and then try to hit a target on the other side using an overhand throw. Make sure they ...

Minis – Figure 8 Rolling

The children roll a red ball between two cones in a figure 8 pattern. This drill serve to build a technical foundation by teaching the players that the racquet face at contact dictates the direction of the ball. It also helps the players...

Minis Slalom Rolling 1

The children move through a cone slalom course pushing different size balls with their racquets simulating a one handed forehand and a backhand in oredr to start to feel the pattern of these two strokes. Use clear indications on what sid...

Minis Slalom Rolling 3

In order to improve coordination and begin to feel the forehand and backhand motion the children are asked to roll a ball with the racquet through a slalom course first holding the racquet with one hand then with two. The children use a ...

Soccer Tennis

Players play soccer over the net on one or both service boxes. Training goal: This drill is designed to work on coordination. Load and Reps: This exercise can be used as a warm up or in the fitness section of the training unit for 5 t...

Two Racquets Mini Tennis

Players hit with a coach in the service boxes. Players hold one racquet in each hand. The player stops the ball, lets it bounce and hits it over with the other racquet. Training goal: This drill is designed to work on coordination and ...

Flamingo Tennis

Players play mini tennis on a service box on one leg. Players are not allowed to hit the ball hard. Training goal: This drill is designed to work on coordination. To get access to the videos and premium media, just login he...

Agility Ladder – One legged then Sideways

The player will jump one legged through the ladder and finish with a lateral run (sideways). Training goal: This drill is designed to work on coordination. The player should try to go through the ladder as fast as possible without mist...

Ladder – Twisting Jumps

Players move through the ladder with twisting jumps. Training goal: This drill is designed to work on coordination and agility. Load and Reps: This exercise is normally part of several runs through the ladder with different types of f...

In the Air Hand Mini Tennis

Players play mini tennis on one service box, throwing underhanded. The ball is not allowed to bounce. Good for red, orange and green ball players with some adjustments. Training goal: This drill is designed to work on coordination. ...

Soccer Juggling

The player juggles a soccer ball with different part of his/her body trying to keep the ball in the air as much as possible. Training goal: This drill is designed to work on coordination and can be preformed as a warm up or in the fitn...

Timing: Practicing with Balloons

The children should attempt to keep the balloon off the ground by hitting it up in the air with both hands, irregularly alternating left and right handed hits. The balloon is not allowed to touch the ground. To get access to t...

Agility: Cone Slalom

“The racquet controls the ball’s behavior” – this nugget of wisdom is easier said than done. Nevertheless, even the youngest kids should learn to dribble the ball through the cone slalom course while keeping it as close to the ra...

Team competitions: Horse Races and Ball Races

Horse Racing! Having fun when moving is a vital aspect of working with children. And this doesn’t always have to relate to tennis. In this “horse racing” exercise, the youngsters also learn the timing and organization required for ...

Balance: Jumping on One Leg

The kids should hop along the service line. One set with the stronger leg and one set with the weaker leg. It is important that the children hop along the entire line on the weaker leg, even if they need more time for this (concentration...

Balance: Jumping with Closed Eyes

The coach stands on the service line at the “T” and holds his hand out. The kids memorize where the coach’s hand is, lift one leg and close their eyes. Then they hop along the service line to the coach. The aim is to reach the coac...

Organization: An Easier way to Pick up Balls

Balls tend to get spread over several courts, getting in the way of training partners and before you know it, there are no more balls left in the basket. It's almost enough to drive a coach mad. To get access to the videos and...

Boxing with Minis

Part of a great footwork includes being able to hit the ball in balance, achieving optimal distance to the ball,using fast and short steps in all directions, quick reactions and the ability to adapt to difficult situations. To...

Stabilizing the Torso

Our player sits in the center of a large therapy ball in an upright, stable position. The coach throws her a mini-basketball at different heights and at different intervals. To get access to the videos and premium media, just ...

Bambinis Hand-Eye Coordination

The coach and the player stand across the net facing each other about 3 feet from the net. The coach has two balls in his hands and will hand feed one ball over the net making the player move. The player will catch the ball and toss it b...

High Five

It is important to teach very young players to say good bye to the coach after each lesson. Here is a fun way to do it. Players run in a circle and have to high five their coach every time they run by him. To get access to t...


Kids work on rolling a ball from a predetermined possition trying to hit a set of 4 cones placed on the court. You can let them roll free or determine which hand to use. It helps to use hoola hoops to mark the different spots in the lin...

Figure Eights around the Legs

This drill works on balance and coordination. Kids stand with their lags more than shoulder with appart and try to roll a medium size ball around their legs in figure 8's.  They should try to roll it in both directions. To ge...

Jumping with a Ball Between the Knees

The children press a small plastic ball between their knees and work on bouncing without letting it fall. To increase the level of difficulty, they try jumping while turning, they jump forwards and backwards over a line. To g...