Mini Tennis

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April 10, 2019Mini Tennis

Ping Pong Rally in Teams

Four players play on the service boxes and have to alternate hits. The players have to bounce the ball on their side before it crosses the net. In addition they have to play every ball as a  volley - in the air.  The ball has to land i...

April 10, 2019Mini Tennis

Volleyball Tennis only Volley Allowed

Four players play in the service boxes plus allies. Each player must hit the volley to the partner before he/she plays the ball into the opposing field. All balls may only be played as volley. In this game a good footwork, ball feel an...

April 10, 2019Mini Tennis

Control Stroke Game

Two players play points in the small field (without double field). Each player must first bump the ball in a controlled manner before it is played across the net into the opposing field. What is needed is good footwork, a feeling for the...

April 10, 2019Mini Tennis

Rotational Throws for Points

Please accept preferences, statistics, marketing cookies to watch this video. In this game, the players have to move well and muster power from the upper body and legs. This exercise is ideal for warming up before exercise. We recommend ...

April 10, 2019Mini Tennis

Football Tennis in Teams with a Pass

All players (2 against 2 in the small field) play without racquets. One player receives the ball  (foot, head or chest) and passes it to the partner. He then has to play it over immediately (without passing). Here he is allowed to play ...

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