Learning from the Pros Groundstrokes

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Forehand Key-Points in Rogers Warmup

Of course, there is a difference between analyzing Federer's movements in the match or when hitting and warming up. Roger is known for his extremely easy hitting, his footwork is reduced to a minimum - in contrast to the match. Here we s...

Safety Zone or not?

It is interesting to observe how much distance players cover in a long rally. Here is an example. This is the last point between Sabine Lisicki and Jelena Jankovic. Jankovic ran 52.1 m/168.6 feet and Lisiki (44.6 m/147 feet). We can also...

Shot Selection – Not Always Optimal

For each shot, a player has to choose the best alternative from a whole bag of possible alternatives and then be able to execute the chosen option successfully . This is the constant dance between tactic an technique. To get access to t...

Dominic Thiem – Check-Mate

Like in the game of chess, where a a series of moves can end a game, tennis players can also win points through well executed shot combinations. Here is an example by Dominic Thiem in a match against Stan Wawrinka....

Recovering the court after approach shots

When the opponent hits the tape, it is easy to start bickering about one's bad luck. However, with a little foresight a ball that hits the tape does not always lead to a lost point. It can sometimes be to your advantage.To get access to ...

Roger Federer digs deep when needed

Defensive shots and footwork patterns are just as important in world-class tennis as their offensive counterparts. Roger Federer demonstrates how he is not only capable of great offense but can dig deep when needed. Roger stays in the ra...

Playing a drop-shot and moving into the court

Here we see a drop-shot situation in a match between Jeremy Chardy and Janko Tipsarevic. Chardy hits a drop-shot and moves well into the court (5.2 m/17.0 feet) in order to cover a possible counter drop shot. Tipsarevic has to split step...