Learning from the Pros Groundstrokes

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Forehand Key-Points in Rogers Warmup

Of course, there is a difference between analyzing Federer's movements in the match or when hitting and warming up. Roger is known for his extremely easy hitting, his footwork is reduced to a minimum - in contrast to the match. Here we s...

Safety Zone or not?

It is interesting to observe how much distance players cover in a long rally. Here is an example. This is the last point between Sabine Lisicki and Jelena Jankovic. Jankovic ran 52.1 m/168.6 feet and Lisiki (44.6 m/147 feet). We can also...

Shot Selection – Not Always Optimal

For each shot, a player has to choose the best alternative from a whole bag of possible alternatives and then be able to execute the chosen option successfully . This is the constant dance between tactic an technique. To get access to t...

Dominic Thiem – Check-Mate

Like in the game of chess, where a a series of moves can end a game, tennis players can also win points through well executed shot combinations. Here is an example by Dominic Thiem in a match against Stan Wawrinka.To get access to the vi...

Recovering the court after approach shots

When the opponent hits the tape, it is easy to start bickering about one's bad luck. However, with a little foresight a ball that hits the tape does not always lead to a lost point. It can sometimes be to your advantage.To get access to ...

Roger Federer digs deep when needed

Defensive shots and footwork patterns are just as important in world-class tennis as their offensive counterparts. Roger Federer demonstrates how he is not only capable of great offense but can dig deep when needed. Roger stays in the ra...

Playing a drop-shot and moving into the court

Here we see a drop-shot situation in a match between Jeremy Chardy and Janko Tipsarevic. Chardy hits a drop-shot and moves well into the court (5.2 m/17.0 feet) in order to cover a possible counter drop shot. Tipsarevic has to split step...