Kids on Court

Kids on Court is the perfect information-source to optimize individual and group instruction for children between 4 and 12 years of age.  It's easy-to-follow structure will help you find  anything you desire. Each category is full of practical and effective drills and information to support the development of young players.

We are especially proud of our exclusive Kids Testing category, which will help you ensure that your young competitive players have the necessary mobility and strength to train injury free.

Kids Testing
Kids Testing

Kids Testing

The rate of injury in young children playing competitive tennis is on the rise.  Children are starting to train seriously at a younger age, and the additional stress on their body often leads to injury.  However, many of these injuries can be prevented by making sure the players's bodies are working properly.

TennisGate's expert Silvester Neidhardt, who has already helped ski athletes to become Olympic champions, coached world-class tennis TOP 20 players has put together a series of functional tests for young tennis players. These tests will help you identify movement and strength deficiencies that need to be addressed to avoid injuries in the future. In this section you will find all the tests and the corrective exercises to keep your players healthy.

Many different methodological ideas


Learning the correct way to hit the ball from the beginning is the best way to assure solid and dependable strokes later on.

This section is all about providing ideas to help young players understand and practice forehands and backhands.

Success in the game requires many fitness components

Serve and Return

One can not play tennis if one is not able to get the point started, so one of the first important skills to develop in young children is the ability to serve and return.
Net play in a fun and exciting way

Net Game

This section is full of technical and tactical ideas to help young players experience all aspect of net play in a fun and exciting way. Explore the many different ideas to build confidence moving forwards.
Success in the game requires many fitness components

Athletic Development

In this section you will find many ideas to help young children develop into healthier and more complete athletes and hence better players. 

The section also includes exercises to develop tennis specific footwork.