Improving Coordination and Balance

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Three Colors Jump

Three Colors Jumps

You will need at least 10 rings in 3 different colors for this exercises .The coach determines the  jump combinations in advance.  ex.. Blue / right - red / left - yellow / two-legged. To get access to the videos and premiu...

Federers Warm Up

Roger’s Warm-Up Drill

Here is an exercise, that Roger Federer uses. With a basketball in hand, the player returns a lighter ball tossed by the coach. He/she must try to play it back  accurately. To get access to the videos and premium media, just ...

SideStep Circle

Five marker caps are laid out in a circle. There is a ball on all othem except one. The idea is to move with sidesteps the whole time grabing one ball at a time and moving it forward in the circle. To get access to the videos ...

Cirque du soleil

Good old juggling is of course a coordination task at a high level. Assuming that the coach can also show how it works 🙂 this of course belongs in the repertoire of every ball athlete. To get access to the videos and premium...

Ball Jungle

Ball Jungle

The coach places 12 to 20 balls on the ground. The balls are about a foot apart from each other. The player tries to move lightly and fast around the balls in all directions without touching the balls. Training goal: This drill is desi...

Agility Ladder - Four Forwards and Two Back

Agility Ladder – Four Forwards and Two Back

The player runs forwards through the ladder stepping twice between the rungs every time. The player takes four steps forwards and two back. The player sprints back forwards outside the ladder. The player should try to move as fast as pos...

Coordination – One Legged on a Balance Mat

The player stands on a balance mat on one leg, lifting the other leg to a 90 degree angle. Training goal: This exercise is designed to improve balance, coordination and strength of the small muscles of the lower leg. Load and Reps: P...