Groundstrokes Development

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Bambinis – Warm up on the Short Court

Players rally trying to keep the ball in the service boxes. The coach should make sure that even though the players are just warming up, they are working hard to get in position and are striving to hit the ball with solid technique. ...

Bambinis _ TBall Rally with Small Ball

The smaller the ball the more difficult it is to control. For this exercises players try to rally in the tball with a small ball. Players should work on control and long follow throught. To get access to the videos and premium...

Bambinis – TBall Court no Guards

In this exercises the players rally in the tball court but try to avoid hitting the guards. They work on hitting the ball straight to their partners. Always look for full swings with a complete follow through. To get access t...

Bambinis – Starting the Rally Forehand

Players practice bouncing the ball and hitting it over the net with a forehand. Make sure the players are tossing the ball in front of their bodies in a good position to hit it. Players tend to toss the ball at their side resulting in a ...

Bambinis – Bounce Hit and Catch

In this exercise one player practices starting a rally, and the partner practices catching and throwing. The player with the racquet bounces a ball and tries to hit is over the net the the partner. The partner (without a racquet) lets it...

Bambinis – Forehand and Ladder

In this exercise the coach feeds three forehands to each player. The players try to hit the ball back to the coach so he/she can catch it. After the three shots the players will go through the ladder and try different footwork combinatio...

Bambinis Balance, Drop, Hit (Forehands)

This is a nice drill combining balance, racquet head awareness and groundstroke basics. The players walk towards the net balancing a ball on their strings. Once they get close to the net they let the ball drop and hit it over the net aft...

Minis Rolling with one Hand (Forehand)

Here is an exercise to start creating some familiarity with the forehand stroke. The chidren form a circle and roll two balls around the circle with the palm of their hand, simulating a forehand stroke. To get access to the vi...

Minis Rolling with Both Hand (Backhand)

Here an exercise to start creating some familiarity with the backhand stroke with very young players. The chidren form a circle and roll two balls around the circle with both hands together, simulating a baclhand stroke. To ge...

Hitting on the Run- Diagonal Running Path

The coach feeds and the players run diagonally forward following the path. Their job is to hit the ball back to the coach’s hand. Therefore, they have to run fast but hit softly over the net. It is a big step towards improving stroke c...

In the Air Hand Mini Tennis

Players play mini tennis on one service box, throwing underhanded. The ball is not allowed to bounce. Good for red, orange and green ball players with some adjustments. Training goal: This drill is designed to work on coordination. ...

Tossing: Starting the Point

TOSS, AIM, HIT Before starting to familiarize kids with the concept of tennis, you first have to teach them how to put the ball in play. If the goal is to empower the children to rally as soon as possible, as suggested in the ITF’s Pla...

Swing Timing: From Rolling to Hitting

Hitting a rolling ball. One small methodological building block is addressed in this video. Here, we bridge the gap between returning a rolling ball and hitting back a bouncing ball. To get access to the videos and premium me...

Obstacle Course: The Magic of Hitting a Target

TARGET COURSE Setting up various pieces of equipment and using materials in a varied way often injects new energy into training. The following series, which revolves around a hockey goal, is intended to underline this. In general, incorp...

Introduction: Backhand on the Run

e introduce our Minis to the backhand on the run. The kids should start from a position outside the singles court from which they can execute a shot on the run. After the shot, the players should run back to their team mate and give him ...

Minis: Backhand Down the Line at Target

Direction Control on a Short Court It is never too early to start working on opening the court with an angle and finishing the point with a down the line shot. In this drill the coach plays with the student. To get access to ...

The Control Stroke

As tennis requires a great deal of coordination, it can take months or even years before this type of play is possible with children. With the help of "Play and Stay" this time can certainly be shortened by using the right methods. ...

Alternating groundstrokes and volleys

The coach will feed a short ball and a deep ball in the service boxes. The player hits the first ball after the bonce, comes to the net and volleys. The coach feeds a deeper ball and the player moves back to hit it after the bounce. ...

Methodological steps with absolute beginners

If you have to coach beginners in their very first tennis lesson, coaches should follow this basic principle: “First play, then explain”. It makes absolutely no sense to explain how a forehand is executed without even knowing what ba...

Slice Backhand: Playing Back to the Coach

Backhand Slice with Continental Grip It is easier to introduce the slice close to the player. The coach tosses the ball. The player taps the ball back to the coach trying to stay sideways. The players has to use a very simple motion. ...

Beginner: Footwork of the Backhand Slice

Learning the Cross Over Step Associated with the Backhand Slice. The body and legs are sideways. The left leg moves forwards behind the right leg. The right leg remains still. As the back leg touches the ground, the arm moves forwards. ...