Groundstrokes and Baseline

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Forehand Closed Stance (back view)

The forehand from the lateral position occurs in competition tennis in special situations. One of these situations, for example, is a ball that flies relatively centrally towards the player. ...

This section will help you win more points from the baseline.  It is divided in the following categories to help you find exactly what you need:

Technical Guidelines

Not every great forehand or backhand looks the same but all of them have many of the same elements. These common elements are the building blocks of technically sound strokes and understanding them will help you identify and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your strokes. In here you will find a detailed description of all important technical aspects of the groundstrokes


Understanding and Improving Technique

This section is full of short, effective clips that will help you understand and improve the technical elements of the groundstrokes. Each video addresses a specific technical element, providing you with clear explanations and ideas on how to fine tune your shots.

The Tactical Keys of the Baseline Game

The Tactical Keys of the Baseline Game

The groundstrokes are the heart of the game, and hitting technically solid strokes is very important.  However, hitting solid shots  is only half the battle, the other half is knowing when and where to hit each shot to increse your chances of winning the point.  In this section you will find a description of all the important tactical principles involving groundstrokes.

Learning from Tennis Professionals

Learning from the pros

Nothing like examples from the top to clarify doubts and understand the game better. This section is full of incredible professional footage demonstrating not only how the masters hit forehands and backhands but also how they build the point during competition.

Practicing Groundstrokes

Practicing Groundstrokes

If you are looking for exercises and drills to help you polish your forehand and backhand, you have come to the right section.  Here you will find all the drills you will ever need to improve your groundstroke game.