Get Started

Tips to get the most out of your Tennis2Brain Membership

The Interface, Navigation and Look and Feel of the Site, The structure, The Collection Tool and the Media Features.

The Main Menu

A click on the burger menu icon in the upper right corner opens the main menu. Here you can see the structure of the page. If you click on the arrows, the lower levels are displayed. If you want to get to a page, just click on the text.

The Section Menu

If you are in a category (in this case "Preparation to Play"), you will see an orange menu symbol under the category title (black means main menu, orange means submenu). If you click on it, the submenu of this category will open. Here you can see the submenus of this topic. Just click on a topic that interests you and jump to this section. The menu will close automatically. If you want to stay on the page, you can simply close the menu using the cross symbol in the upper right corner.

My Account

The control center for your access to TennisGate is My Account. Here you can view your orders and invoices, monitor and cancel the duration of your membership and subscription period, change your payment method, access your collections and change your password. If you no longer have a password to reset, you can use this link to request a new one.

The link "Member Area" takes you to the members' start area.

The General Structure of the site

The 9 topic areas are divided into sub sections to help you find exactly what you need and to build a well-designed structure around the impressive media library.

The Structure of the Pages

At the top of each category you will find the 3 most recent posts for that thread.

You can navigate to the desired topics via the submenu or via individual preview articles on the page (Read More).

In the topic, here f.e. Serve and Return, you can arrange the posts according to TAGS. Just select the TAG for Return and the posts will be sorted for you. The same applies to the term search. Just type in a word and after the first letters the compilation starts. Here we have differentiated in the video between the spin types "Flat" and "Kick".

The Collections

Create general Collections first

Before you start to browse the pages, it makes sense to create a few collections where you can add and collect your favorites, f.e. like "Drills", "Advices and Tips", "Learn", "Developing strokes", "Pros" or "Just what i like" - a simple collection for favorite pages. Just a suggestion to get started from scratch. You can rename or edit all collections in the next step to suit your needs.

Editing Collections

Browse for tips first. Select your area of interest, f.e. "Net Game" and try to develop the technical and tactical aspects of the Volleys.

You will also be able to save all your favorite drills and tips in your own folder and rename them so that you can use them over and over.

You may reorder the items in your collection using drag & drop.

Just click on the “Add to collection” tab in the sidebar and save the current page in a collection. You can add your own collections, give them a name and organize your pages in topics. You can choose private or public if you want to share your collections with others. This feature can be very useful when managing many players in a team, academy, club or college.