Fitness and Regeneration


In a resent study, tennis was found to increase the lifespan of avid players by around 10 years highlighting the health benefits of the game. The reality is that tennis taxes every important fitness component and that is why it has such a considerable impact on health. However, in the same way that playing tennis improves your fitness, boosting your fitness will also improve your game and, more importantly, keep you on-court longer.

There are many training programs  that use one-dimensional exercises targeting  a sole muscle group. These programs disregard  all the small muscles of the core and and shoulder, despite their immense  importance. Our conditioning philosophy focuses on so called coordinative strength programs which target multiple muscle groups. Exactly what players need.

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Speed Base – Box Jump
January 22, 2019Fitness and Regeneration

Speed Base – Box Jump

Please accept preferences, statistics, marketing cookies to watch this video. Players jump from a box stretching their calf muscles before they jump and trying to land with very little knee bend. The idea is to land and jump immediately ...

January 22, 2019Fitness and Regeneration

No Look Sprint

Please accept preferences, statistics, marketing cookies to watch this video. To extend the reaction training, we first have to ensure that the player is unable to anticipate the feed. Here, players have to squat low on the baseline with...

January 22, 2019Fitness and Regeneration, Girls Tennis

Cone Jungle

Shuffle steps are fast, short steps, on the balls of the feet with very short ground contact. This is a form of footwork used by good players to execute rapid, short jumps, to adjust their position or to regulate the distance to the ball...