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Offense/Defense Intense Doubles

A defensive doubles team starts at the baseline, an offensive one at the service-line. Both teams have to sprint forward on asignal of the coach (as a preload). The Baseliners sprint to the service...

Two up/Two back Doubles Points

An offensive doubles team who starts at the service line should move up with a deep, smart first volley. The coach feeds flat and fast to the net players, so that they cannot put the first volley ...

The Poaching Challenge

Two doubles start classically, each team with a baseline player and a net player. The coach feeds and a baseline duel startsl. Players can only play down the line when lobbing. The net players try ...

Doubles is quick, dynamic and exciting and requires a different set of skills. Great doubles players have to feel comfortable anywhere on the court, especially close to the net. In addition, the game of doubles has its own underlying tactical rules, which have to be mastered by any player hoping to succeed in the game.

The following categories will help you understand, improve and succeed in doubles.

The Tactical Keys in Doubles

The Tactical Keys in Doubles

Doubles has its own set of tactical rules that you need to master in order to succeed. The following section will   help you understand when and where to hit the ball to improve your chances of winning point, as well as when and where to move to to cover the court better.

Practicing Footwork

Learning Doubles from the Pros

One very useful strategy when learning a new skill is to observe someone who has already mastered it. What a better way to improve than watching the best players in the world in action and have the TennisGate team explain what you see.

Practicing Doubles

Practicing Doubles

Here you will find drills to help you improve your doubles game.  The exercises in this section target either  essential technical aspects needed to succeed in doubles or tactical concepts that any doubles player should master.  If you are looking for dril ideas guaranteed to improve your doubles play.  You are in the right spot.