Attacking a Short Ball – a Perfect Execution

Pros Analysis

This slow-motion clip demonstrates several important points about the approach shot and the volley. Berdych detects a short ball and moves quickly diagonally forward gaining valuable time. Using a closed stance he hits a dipping forehand topspin shot, rotating as he swings and finishing low to generate extra spin and dip the ball. He then moves towards the net following his shot. Since he hit the ball crosscourt, he follows the line of his shot and finishes on the right side of the service box, where he split steps and continues moving fluidly to intercept the passing shot. Berdych uses a very short swing and a large step towards the ball to remain perfectly balanced as he makes contact in front of the body. Berdych hits the volley to the open court and immediately follows his shot to position himself on the right side of the center line.

Player: Tomas Berdych | Tournament: Mutua Madrid Open