Athletic Development

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Groundstroke after Cone Touches

The coach calls the color of the cone that the player should touch.  After 3 touches he feeds a short ball, which the player has to hit over the net with solid technique. To get access to the videos and premium media, just lo...

Bambinis – Endurance with the Swiss Ball

The job of the player is to run side to side to prevent the ball from passing the doubles line. The coach rolls a big swiss ball side to side at a good pace to force the player. T To get access to the videos and premium media,...

Bambinis – Suicide Relay

The coach places a ball on the baseline, one on the service line and one at the net. The players start behind the baseline and have to run get the first ball, and bring it back to the start, then get the second ball and take it back and ...

Minis – Slalom Relay

The coach builds a slalom course with cones in the alley. The players form teams for a relay race. The players have to roll a ball around the cones touch the net and roll the ball back around the cones to their partners. To g...

Bambinis – Reaction with Anlysis

The coach sets up 4 cones of different color on the court plus two hoops, which serve as the base for the player. Th player stand in the hoops and will react to the command of the coach. To get access to the videos and premiu...

Bambinis – Reaction and Shadow Swings

The coach sets up 4 cones of different color on the court as well as two hoops that will serve as a base for the player. The player start with one foot in each hoop and waits for the coach to call a color. To get access to th...

Minis – Agility and Focus

The coach sets 4 cones of different colors on the court plus a hoop. The payer’s base is the hoop. The coach calls the color of the cone and the player has to sprint to it, return to the hoop and assume a ready position. To ...

Bambinis – Lateral Movement Jump and Focus

This exercise combines many skills and can be adjusted depending on the level of the players. The idea is to run side to side, touching the partners’ hands and clearing an obstacle in the middle. At the same time the attention has to b...

Bambinis – Speed – Skipping

Players skip using their arms and landing on the same foot that they jumped with. Make sure legs and arms are coordinating diagonally, that is, when the left leg lifts, the right arm lifts. Players should strive to land smoothly and quie...

Bambinis Coordination – High Knees

Players move lifting their knees high. Make sure the players are using their arms correctly, are maintaining their torso erect but not leaning back, and are performing the exercice smoothly. To get access to the videos and pre...

Bambinis – Power – Two Legged Jumps

Players move accross the court jumping high with both legs. Players jump and lift their knees. This drill is about power and balance. Make sure players jump high and fluidly. Depending on the level of fitness of the players 12 to 20 jump...

Bambinis – Coordination – Ankle Lifts

Players move along the court jogging using mainly the ankle to propell them. Players take very short steps, lifting their knees and coordinating their feet with their arms. This drill is all about form. The players should not be able to ...

Bambinis – Flexibility – One arm Circles

Players jog forwards and backwards while circling one arm. This is a nice exercise to warm up. It will promote the mobility of the joint and maintain its flexibility as well as warming up the muscles in preparation to play. Make sure the...

Bambinis – Coordination – Sweeps

Players move accross the court bending down and sweeping the grounds with their hands. It is important that thay take bigs steps when sweeping and work on bending the knees not the upper body. As you can see from the video clear explanat...

Bambinis – Strength – Squats

Players move accross the court squatting every couple of steps. The players should try to squat as deeply as possible keeping their heels on the ground. This exercise should be used in conjunction with a variety of other exercises and th...

Bambinis – Strength – Crab Walk

Players sit on the ground and then lift their bodies on their hands and feet and walk backwards. Players should start slowly and then increse their speed. This exercise should be used in conjunction with a variety of other exercises and ...

Bambinis – Power – Giant Leaps

Players move with large and powerful steps. Players try to get as high and as far as possible with each step. This exercise should be used in conjunction with a variety of other exercises and the ideal number of repetitions will depend o...

Bambinis – Strength – Lunges

Players take one large step forward and lower their back knee to the ground. The torso stays erect. It is important to make sure the front knee remains on top of the front foot. The number of launges depends on the fitness level of the c...

Side Steps

The players mirror each other and move laterally along the side line. One player sets the tempo and the other has to match it. Players should vary their speeds. To get access to the videos and premium media, just login here,...