Use lobs to keep the opponent off the net

TennisGate Learning from the Best In this point we see two important tactical concepts. First, we see the returner following her return to the net. It is usually a good idea to return and attack the net on a weak serve when the server stays back. Doing this puts pressure on the server and forces him/her to come up with an aggressive second shot, which frequently leads to mistakes. The second important tactical concept is the use of the lob. Allowing the opponents to play too close to the net will put you at a great disadvantage, since it allows them to cover the angles better and hit mainly high, aggressive volleys. Therefore, it is important to use lobs once in a while to keep the opponent off the top of the net. A top spin lob will be especially effective since it will be harder to return. This clip demonstrates both situations perfectly.


Porsche Tennis Grand Prix - Stuttgart


Raquel Kops-Jones Abigail Spears Darija Jurak Katalin Marosi  

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