The Player Diagonal to the Shot Covers the Middle

TennisGate Learning from the Best A big misconception in doubles is that the player with the forehand volley covers the middle. In reality the type of stroke does not play any role in this decision. It all has to do with the geometry of the court. The player that should cover the middle is the one that is in the best position to do that effectively, and that is the player standing diagonal to the incoming shot. Let’s take a look at Kops-Jones doing this perfectly. Kops-Jones serves and volleys hitting her backhand volley towards the alley. She immediately follows her shot moving to the middle of the court as her partner moves towards the side line to cover the alley. She is in a perfect position to cover the middle.


Porsche Tennis Grand Prix - Stuttgart


Raquel Kops-Jones Abigail Spears Darija Jurak Katalin Marosi  

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