Sam Stosur – Aim High Over the Net

TennisGate Learning from the Best Most amateurs miss way too many balls in the net because they believe a good aggressive shot has to barely clear the net. They try to hit hard and close to the net tape. In reality, shots that graze the net, will usually land short regardless of how hard they are hit, and will be easier to return. In tennis depth is the crucial factor. As long as your shots land close to the baseline the opponent will have a hard time attacking them. The pros understand this concept perfectly and aim much higher over the net. Here we see a typical exchange between Stosur and Jankovic. Take a look at the net clearance.

Video Highlights

The point starts with a serve from Stosur, whose spin allows her to aim high over the net.
Jankovic’s hits a return with great arch to prevent Stosur from attacking.
Stosur finishes her inside out forehand but the ball lands a bit short
Jankovic hits a cross court backhand with good net clearance and...
Stosur returns a backhand towards the middle of the court.
Jankovic drives another inside out high forehand to Stosur’s backhand
... who returns the shot with a nice arch towards the middle of the court.
Jankovic aggressively hits to the open court. Note the height on this forcing groundstroke.
The point is over.


Porsche Tennis Grand Prix - Stuttgart


Sam Stosur

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