Li Na – Use a Backhand Slice Down the Line Approach Shot

TennisGate Learning from the Best A backhand down the line slice approach is a good way to handle a short ball. The slice will keep the ball low and force the opponent to hit up on the passing shot. The down the line will keep you in the best position to cover the opponent’s shot. Let’s take a look at Li Na in this situation.

Video Highlights

Li-Na-Slice-Approach1 Li Na serves and...
Li-Na-Slice-Approach2 ... Lucic-Baroni returns deep down the line. Li Na hits her backhand cross court stretching Lucic-Baroni and ...
. Li-Na-Slice-Approach3 .. forces her to hit a short slice backhand. Li Na moves into the court and ...
Li-Na-Slice-Approach4 ... slices her backhand down the line.
Li-Na-Slice-Approach5 She moves forward following her shot and split steps on the left side of the court – a perfect position to cover the passing shot.
Li-Na-Slice-Approach6 Lucic- Baroni hits her passing shot wide.


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Li Na  

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