Jeremy Chardy – Only Bad Luck

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[av_video src='' format='16-9' width='16' height='9' av_uid='av-7dxolqi']When the opponent hits the tape, it is easy to start bickering about one's bad luck. However, with a little foresight a ball that hits the tape does not always lead to a lost point. It can sometimes be to your advantage.  


Janko Tipsarevic (near) is waiting to return a first serve from the French player Jeremy Chardy (far)
Chardy serves directly at the body, getting Tipsarevic in trouble. Topsarevic moves towards the ball but has to shift his weigh to stay in balance.
The strong serve leads to a weak return. Chardy wants to take advantage of this and runs around his backhand to hit a forehand. The Frenchman hits a great forehand inside-out. His shot lands well inside the sideline and well into the court, which results in a forcing but safe shot by Chardy.
And here is where it gets interesting. Chardy recognized right after the hit that his shot will force the opponent,and therefore steps into the court.
  Chardy-Only-Bad-Luck-05 .
In adition, he sees that the opponet is off the court and will have to use a slice backhand. The odds of a powerful shot from Tipsarevic. are minimal.
As it turns out, Tipsarevic's shot hits the tape and rolls over. In many cases such a lucky shot would translate into an unlucky point-loss for one and an lucky point-win for the other, but the Frenchman was expecting a weak shot and is already at the service line.
Therefore, he is not really surprised by this shot hitting the tape. As a matter of fact, he suddenly finds himself with many options. He can go for a winner to either corner but ends up deciding to hit down the line to the open court.
However, Tipsarevic is very fast and reaches the shot fully outstretched hitting a high defensive lob.
However, the point is over when Chardy hits an overhead. Chardy ends up winning the point even after the opponent's shot tips the net. A "net-roller" is not always necessarily bad luck!

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