High Performance Movement: Sliding on clay – Maintaining center of gravity

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https://vimeo.com/57840046 Björn Phau shows here in this backhand on the run the demands placed on the feet of a player.

Balance is the key

He shows how the foot touches the ground with the heel, flattens out to carry the body weight and rolls towards the toes to allow the player to move fluidly through the shot. He remains constantly in balance. He lands in balance, and he maintains his center of gravity over his base of support throughout the recovery process.  

Big step and setting of the heel.


Weight on the whole foot


Transfer of weight by rolling the foot


Sliding with the outside foot


Great balance with the head right over the base of support as he changes direction


Pushing off with the right leg


Crossover step


Side steps to recover

  Tournament Tennis Bundesliga Player Björn Phau Team: GW Mannheim  

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