Doubles – Play Both Back to Return if you are Having Trouble Keeping the Return Low and Crosscourt

TennisGate Learning from the Best One of the most important goals in doubles is to make the opponents play. Therefore, making a large percentage of returns is essential. Whenever you find yourself missing too many returns or hitting too many high returns that can be attacked, ask your partner to move to the baseline . This will take some of the pressure from your return since it will make it much harder for the serving team to attack your partner off a weak shot. When in this formation play a safe return. Once the point starts both teams should try to hit through the middle until they get an opportunity to open up the court. Here we see a perfect example in the match between Petzschner/Cermak vs. Fischer/Lopez.


German Bundesliga - GW Mannheim


Martin Fischer Marc Lopez Philipp Petzschner Frantisek Cermak  

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