Dominic Thiem – The right shot selection after a full speed sprint.

TennisGate Learning from the Best In this video analysis of the match between the new young star Dominic Thiem and Stan Wawrinka at the Mutua Madrid Open, one can identify several factors that make tennis such an attractive sport and at the same time make it so difficult and challenging: plenty of shots in different directions, explosive sprints and direction changes, court coverage and tactical patterns. Tournament mmo-125-125 Player Dominic Thiem Stanislas Wawrinka


If you need to recover quickly from the corner, a split step is not enough - you need to use an explosive cross over step. Practice that first without a ball, then have a practice partner or coach feed you some wide balls. Practice also sliding after a fast sprint and then recovering, just as you saw in this clip. Have fun on the court!

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