Analysis of Tommy Haas’ Serve

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First we took a look at the toss. Tommy throws the ball at a hight of 3.30 m 10.8 feet and makes contact at 3.00 m/9.8 feet. He therefore, throws the ball 30 cm over his contact point. Is this absolutely necessary? Certainly, if a player wants to be able to jump to hit the serve, he has to throw the ball high. How much higher over the contact point is a very individual aspect of the serve. The timing - the temporal relationship between the backswing and the swing must be in balance. [av_video src='' format='16-9' width='16' height='9' av_uid='av-5w7wixn']haas_serve_toss_1
Ball height of the toss at about 3.3 m
Height of contact point at 3.0 m
Target is chosen

The body weight is on the back foot.

The arms separate. The ball leaves the hand at about head-height.
The knees are bent together, both legs push off.
The racquet pauses slightly as it changes directions. Optimal shoulder tilt.
The racquet head points to the ground. The elbow points forwards.
Perfect contact point in the middle of the racquet head. The strings point in the direction of the target.
The forearm pronates.


The countermovement of the right leg help the player remain balanced. The player lands on the left leg.
Tennis Bundesliga
Tommy Haas. Team: GW Mannheim

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