The Dominik Koepfer Story

The Dominik Koepfer Story: There is not a royal path to the top

From a club player to a college player and then to Wimbledon. Dominik Koepfer’s journey is unique and shows that there is not one path, the Royal Path, to the top. In addition it demonstrates that solid a foundation can lead to the big leagues. The biggest tennismagazine in Germany spoke to Oliver Heuft, who together with Juergen Mueller was responsible for player development training at BW Villingen in Germany for 20 years and trained Dominik Koepfer for a long time.
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Improve your tennis and take your game to the next level

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Proven Methodology

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  • Koepfer likes TennisGate

    With TennisGate I developed the fundamentals that my college coach Marc Booras build upon to help me become the player I am today. I still use many of the videos on the site and even appear on some of the clips.”

    Dominik Koepfer#1 US College 2016, ATP Pro (ATP Tour 154 Career High 2018.12.17)
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    Bob and I travelled the world with Edgar when we were juniors and he helped coach us to become the players we are today. The input and advice he gave us during these crucial years was invaluable. ”


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