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The Education Library

The Education Library

With a huge selection of drills and exercises in all areas of the game it is easy to plan and carry out your daily tennis workouts. We have over 1500 premium clips for you - high-speed videos, 3D analysis, tips, lessons and photo sequences.
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Tennis singles strategy

Singles Tactic Master Class

Choosing the right shot at the right time is one of the most important skills in tennis. For every situation that you encounter on the court there are only a few shot options that will provide you with the best tactical advantage. 

This course will optimize your tactical game and help win more matches.

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For the Love of the Game

There is always something great to read for you, a real treasure chest for tennis fans, players, coaches or parents.

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Essential GUIDES To Improve your Game


How to Hit a Kick or Slice Serve in Tennis

Learning to serve with spin is an important goal for any serious tennis player. It’s also something many players fail to achieve. A slice serve and a kick serve will take your game to a whole different level, allowing you to hit with more consistency, accuracy and pace....

How to volley

How to Volley in Tennis: Video Tips, Drills, & Common Mistakes

The strategy in tennis has changed in the last 30 years, favoring the baseline game more and more. However, knowing how to volley well is still a very important skill and an absolute necessity, especially in doubles. The goal of this post is to help you improve your net game, and volley technique. We will cover...

Tennis Singles Strategy

Tennis Singles Strategy: 8 Tactics to Help You Win!

These strategies lay the foundation for any tactical game plan and are essential to succeed on the court. A good strategic plan on the court is like having a GPS in your car. It keeps you on the right track.  So, if you want to win more matches here is your singles match play GPS....

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hear what tennis players are saying about TennisGate!

Dominik Koepfer about TennisGate

Dominik Koepfer

#1 US COLLEGE 2016, ATP PRO (ATP TOUR 83 Career High 2019.11.04)

"As a player, the TennisGate Tennis and Ball School in Villingen was my home since I was a little boy until I left for college. There I developed the fundamentals that my college coach Marc Booras build upon to help me become the player I am today. I still use many of the videos on the site and even appear on some of the clips."

Mike Bryan about TennisGate's Edgar Giffenig

Mike Bryan


"Bob and I travelled the world with Edgar when we were juniors and he helped coach us to become the players we are today. The input and advice he gave us during these crucial years was invaluable. Edgar is not only a technical and strategic genius, but is incredibly hard working and dedicated to his profession. And most importantly, he is one hell of a guy and a great friend!"

Marc Booras about TennisGate

Marc Booras


"TennisGate has been a fantastic resource to help me develop my current players, such as Dominik Koepfer, who's excellent foundation was built by these coaches. All of the tools on TennisGate, with their attention to detail and variety of options are perfect for assisting me in designing my collegiate practices."

Dennis Seidenberg about TennisGate

Dennis Seidenberg


"For many years I played ice hockey and tennis in my youth. Although I did not become a tennis professional in the end, the coaches in the TennisGate tennis school provided me with important basics that were valuable for my career as a professional athlete."

Tennis coaches studying video

Learn from Experienced Tennis Coaches

Our coaches have over 120 years of combined experience coaching tennis. They have coached at all levels of the game from juniors, to club players, and even tour professionals.

We're not just going to improve your serve! Our coaches include experts in tennis technique, of course, but also physiotherapy, mental training, functional movement, sports science, and more!

Oliver Heuft is the CEO of TennisGate. He has produced the official online training platform for the German Tennis Federation which currently has over 12,000 coaches enrolled. Oliver also helped coaching Dominik Koepfer (current top 100) as a junior.

Edgar Giffenig is a tennis speaker, author, and national coach for the USA, German Federation, and Mexican Federation. He's been coaching for over 30 years.

Jürgen Müller specializes in tennis player development. He helped transition juniors in their teenage years like Dominik Koepfer, Philipp Kohlschreiber, and Nicolas Kiefer, all of whom have had success on the pro tour. He won 2 World and 5 European Championship titles with junior teams of the German Tennis Federation.

Silvester Neidhardt is an expert in athletic and mental training. He has worked with several top 20 tennis players, and olympic athletes. Silvester is also a speaker on mental training for athletes.

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