Perfect push up position from Dimitrov

Here we see a perfect push up position from Dimitrov (look at the position of his arms and hands). He will use this position as a starting point to mobilize his whole trunk, core and legs. He first arches his back into a “cobra yoga position” and then twists in both directions. Then he lifts his rear-end to form an inverse “V” (downward dog in yoga). From here, he takes a large step forward to the side of his hands and stretches his leg musculature with his leg bent and straight. He does the same with the other leg.

Rotational throws with Bouchard

Bouchard lounges and places her back knee on the ground. She remains sideways and from this position throws and catches a medicine (2 to 4 kg) ball with her coach. This movement is similar to a two handed backhand and helps to strengthen her core, upper body and arms. There are many variations to this exercise but it is always important to throw from both sides.

Typical short sprints by Nishikori

Here we see Nishikori working on typical short sprints.. (for tennis players 10 and 15 m sprints are essential). The coach uses a tennis ball to add extra motivation to the exercise. Nishikori’s goal is to catch the ball thrown by the coach before it bounces.



Side-Plank by Nishikori

Here we see an interesting side-plank by Nishikori. The coach kneels down and places Nishikori’s leg on his bent knee so that Nishikori’s whole weight is held by one leg. This will add additional stress to his upper leg musculature, his core and torso. Having the player sraighten his arm and point upwards makes this exercise even harder.
However, the point is over when Chardy hits an overhead. 
Chardy ends up winning the point even after the opponent's shot tips the net.  A "net-roller" is not always bad luck!

Jeremy Chardy - Only Bad Luck

When the opponent hits the tape, it is easy to start bickering about one's bad luck. However, with a little foresight a ball that hits the tape does not always lead to a lost point. It can sometimes be to your advantage.
Thiem - Check-Mate - 04

Dominic Thiem - Check-Mate

Like in the game of chess, where a a series of moves can end a game, tennis players can also win points through well executed shot combinations. Here is an example by Dominic Thiem in a match against Stan Wawrinka.

Shot Selection - Not Always Optimal

For each shot, a player has to pick the best alternative from a whole bag of possible alternatives and then be able to execute the chosen option successfully . This is the constant dance between tactic an technique.
Girls Doubles

A Different Type of Doubles

Typical girls's doubles? Two girls are rallying crosscourt from the baseline while their partner's at the net are standing like statues watching the balls go by - happy not to get involved. We need to change that. A few methodological tricks and we bring doubles back to life.
Medicine ball exercise with Andrea Petkovic

Medicine ball exercise with Andrea Petkovic

This medicine ball exercise, which Petkovic demonstrates, is ideal to work on several different conditioning elements. The rotation as she lifts the ball loads the same muscles used to hit an effective overhead and at the same time mobilizes and strengthens her whole torso.

Laws of the Battle: The Goal of the Second Serve

The goal of the second serve should be to start the point and prevent the opponent from taking control of the point. If the opponent can attack all your second serves, you will most likely lose the match. Starting the point at least neutrally, will allow you to win most of your service games.

The Laws of the Battle – Use the Slice Serve as a Weapon

In order to hit the first serve hard, you need to learn to hit it flat. However, for some targets a slice serve will be more appropriate. As a right-handed player, learn to use the slice serve to hit wide on the deuce court, to the „T“ on the add court and into the body.

Laws of the Battle: The Right Mentality on the First Serve

You have two serves in tennis so you have to make sure you take advantage of this. When you hit a first serve you have to approach the line with an aggressive mentality. You want to use the first serve to put the opponent on the defensive and start controlling the point right away. Do not hold back go for a big serve.

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